Rough Terrain Forklift or Tele-handler


Rough Terrain Fork Lift or Tele-Handler is a generic term used to describe powered industrial fork lifts, generally with pneumatic tires, intended for use on unimproved natural terrain as well as disturbed terrain construction sites.

Course Content

– The rough terrain Forklift
– Safety Alert Symbol
– Signal words
– Follow a safe program
– Start safely
– Operate safely
– Shutdown safely
– Perform Safety maintenance
– Summary
– Test
– Hands on practice and demo


Intended For: Employees operating rough terrain forklifts or tele-handlers in the workplace
Valid for: We recommend retraining after 3 years
Offered: In-class and on-site
Cancellation Policy:Cancelations (or no shows) less than 48 hours prior to the training the price of the class will be invoiced

In Class Day Date Time Location Register Price
In ClassFriOct 6 20171:00pm275 Nebo Rd. HamiltonREGISTER$175
In ClassTuesOct 17 20171:00pm1350 Creditstone Rd. ConcordCLOSED$175
In ClassFriNov 3 20171:00pm275 Nebo Rd. HamiltonREGISTER$175
In ClassTuesNov 14 20171:00pm1350 Creditstone Rd. ConcordREGISTER$175
In ClassFriDec 1 20171:00pm275 Nebo Rd. HamiltonREGISTER$175
In ClassTuesDec 12 20171:00pm1350 Creditstone Rd. ConcordREGISTER$175