Aerial Work Platform Operation

Prerequisites for Aerial Lift Training
  •  All participants must have a valid MOL approved Working at Heights certificate
  • The certificate must be presented to the trainer at the training sessions
PPE Required
  • All participants MUST bring their own harness and lanyard for fall protection. The best lanyard option for Aerial Lifts is a short 4 foot travel restraint lanyard with no shock absorber.
Aerial work platforms include a wide range of equipment used to help companies work at heights. Scissor lifts and Boom Lifts are two of the most common pieces of equipment. The program includes both classroom and hands-on training and includes a quiz to test the student's knowledge. Each participant will receive a wallet card indicating that they have completed the program.
Course Content
Based on the ANSI/SIA A92.6-1999 and CSA B354.2-01 - Self Propelled Elevating Work Platforms, ANSI/SIA A92.5-1992 and CSA B354.4-02 Self-Propelled Boom-Supported Elevating Work Platforms standards this course covers standards and regulations along with operator responsibilities, equipment inspection, machine operation and emergency procedures.
Intended For: Employees operating Aerial Work Platforms/Elevated Work Platforms
Valid for: We recommend retraining after 3 years
Offered: In-class and on-site (Max. class size is 8)

In Class Day Date Time Location Register Price
In ClassMonJan 20 20207:45am1350 Creditstone Rd. ConcordCLOSED$180
In ClassMonJan 20 20201:00pm1350 Creditstone Rd.ConcordCLOSED$180
In ClassFriJan 24 20207:45am275 Nebo Rd. HamiltonCLOSED$180
In ClassTueJan 28 20207:45am57 B Notion Rd. PickeringREGISTER$180
In ClassWedJan 29 20207:45am278 Bridgeland Ave. North YorkREGISTER$180
In ClassWedJan 29 20207:45am-12pm1537 Star Top Rd. OttawaREGISTER$160
In ClassThurJan 30 20207:45am1144 Industrial Rd. CambridgeREGISTER$180
In ClassMonFeb 3 20207:45am4711 Kent Ave. NiagaraREGISTER$180
In ClassTueFeb 4 20207:45am278 Bridgeland Ave. North YorkREGISTER$180
In ClassMonFeb 10 20207:45am1350 Creditstone Rd. ConcordREGISTER$180
In ClassTueFeb 18 20207:45am15 Invicta Crt. LondonREGISTER$180
In ClassTueFeb 18 20201:00pm35 Churchill Dr. BarrieREGISTER$180
In ClassTueFeb 18 20201:00pm57 B Notion Rd. PickeringREGISTER$180
In ClassThurFeb 20 20207:45am1144 Industrial Rd. CambridgeREGISTER$180
In ClassWedFeb 26 20207:45am1537 Star Top Rd. OttawaREGISTER$160