Forklift Operation


Operators of forklifts, clamp trucks, reach trucks and other lifting devices are required to be competent in the operation of the equipment that they are using. The CSA B 335-04 Safety Standards for Lift Trucks outlines general requirements for this equipment as well as operator training requirements. All students will go through a theory session as well as hands-on testing and training. Each will receive a wallet card indicating that they have completed the course.

Course Content

Forklift design, safety features, controls, capabilities and safe operating procedures


Intended For: Employees operating Forklifts in the workplace
Valid for: We recommend retraining after 3 years
Offered: In-class and on-site

In Class Day Date Time Location Register Price
In ClassTuesMay 8 20187:45am1350 Creditstone Rd. ConcordCLOSED$175
In ClassFriMay 18 20187:45am275 Nebo Rd. HamiltonCLOSED$175
In ClassFriMay 18 20187:45am278 Bridgeland Ave. North YorkREGISTER$175
In ClassThusMay 24 20187:45am1537 Star Top Rd. OttawaREGISTER$175
In ClassTuesMay 29 20187:45am35 Churchill Dr. BarrieREGISTER$175
In ClassThursMay 31 20187:45am15 Invicta Court. LondonREGISTER$175
In ClassThursMay 31 20187:45am1144 Industrial Rd. CambridgeREGISTER$175
In ClassTuesJune 5 20187:45am1350 Creditstone Rd. ConcordREGISTER$180
In ClassFriJune 15 20187:45am275 Nebo Rd. HamiltonREGISTER$180
In ClassFriJune 15 20187:45am278 Bridgeland Ave. North YorkREGISTER$180
In ClassthursJune 21 20187:45am1537 Star Top Rd. OttawaREGISTER$180
In ClassThursJune 28 20187:45am15 Invicta Court. LondonREGISTER$180