Joint Health and Safety Committee Basic Certification Level 1


Employers in Ontario who employ 20 or more regularly employed workers must have a Joint Health and Safety Committee consisting or at least 2 certified members. This 3 part class will go through all of the information necessary to get certified.

Course Content

Day 1 - Occupational Health and
Safety and the Law

This day covers the following subjects;

- The 'Internal Responsibility System'
– History and Development of Health and
Safety Law
– Rights and Responsibilities of Workers
– WSIB and the MOL
– The Occupational Health and Safety Act - OHSA
– Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
– Other Health and Safety Legislation
– Joint Health and Safety Committees
– The JHSC Functions
– JHSC Procedures
– JHSC Activities
– Making the JHSC Work
– The Right to Refuse Work
– The Right to Stop Work
– Complaints Concerning Dangerous Circumstances
– Dealing with Inspectors
– Dealing with the Labour Board
– Communications and Skill Upgrading
– Administration and Enforcement of the OHSA
– The Body and the Workplace

Day 2 - Health - Occupational Hazards

This day covers the following subjects;

- Health Hazards - Recognition, Assessment and Control
– Chemical Hazards
– Biological Hazards
– Physical Hazards
– Work Design Hazards
– Stress Hazards

Day 3 - Safety, Procedures and Tools

This day covers the following subjects;

- Safety Hazards - Recognize, Assess and the Control
– Specific Safety Hazards
– Workplace Inspections
– Accident and Incident Investigations
– Monitoring Strategies
– Health and Safety Research
– Health and Safety Statistics
– Understanding the Law
– Communication Skills


Time: 8:30-4:30

Cost: $425 per person

Individual Modules: This training can be taken as individual modules at $175 pp per module.

Cancelation Policy: Cancelations (or no shows) less than 48 hours prior to the training the price of the class will be invoiced


- 3 day program
- Copy of the OHSA green book
- Text books for each module
- Testing
- Certification for Part I

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