Propane ROT (Record of Training)

Course Content

Handling, storage, transporting and installation of propane cylinders and the safe use and installation of construction heaters and hand held propane vapour torches.


Intended For: Workers in construction, film, hospitality or manufacturing who use construction heaters, vapour torches, steamers or special effects.
Prerequisites: none
Valid for: 3 years

Click here to download our complete 2017/2018 Construction Heater ROT Training Schedule

In Class Day Date Time Location Register Price
In ClassWedFeb 28 20187:45am1350 Creditstone Rd. ConcordREGISTER$175
In ClassFriMarch 2 20187:45am4711 Kent Ave. NiagaraREGISTER$175
In ClassWedMarch 7 20187:45am1350 Creditstone Rd. ConcordCLOSED$175
In ClassWedMarch 7 20187:45am275 Nebo Rd. HamiltonCLOSED$175
In ClassFriMarch 16 20187:45am4711 Kent Ave. NiagaraREGISTER$175