What do I need to rent equipment?
A driver’s license and a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express) are required at the time of rental. For some pieces of equipment a valid training license may also be required.

What durations can I rent equipment for?
A majority of products can be rented for 4 hour, daily, weekly, or monthly durations.  Some specialized pieces of equipment will have weekly or monthly minimum durations.

Can I open a charge account?
Yes, we do offer accounts to our customers.  Simply complete the Application for Credit and return in to your local branch, or fax it to our corporate offices for review.

Can I use my account at any Stephenson’s location?
Yes, once your account is approved, it is valid at all Stephenson’s Rental locations.

Why should I rent and not buy equipment?
Renting equipment provides many advantages such as:

-Using the right equipment to complete your project in the most time and cost effective manner
-Limiting the amount of tools and equipment you need to store or warehouse
-Minimize costly maintenance, repairs and up-keep
-Learning the proper tool applications and professional advice from our rental specialists

Can I request a quote online?
Yes, simply register on our site, select the type, quantity, of each piece of equipment you require along with the dates you need the equipment, and one of our rental specialists will provide you with a formal quote.

Can I reserve equipment?
Yes, simply email or call any of our locations and they will gladly reserve a piece of equipment for you, and ensure you have the equipment you need to get your project completed.

Are taxes, delivery, Loss Damage waiver and other ancillary charges included in rental rates?
Taxes and additional charges for fuel, refueling, delivery, Loss Damage Waiver, are not included in the rental rate.  These charges are extra where applicable.