Traffic Control – Book 7


What is Book 7? The Ontario Traffic Manual’s Book 7 (Temporary Conditions) provides basic uniform requirements for traffic control in work zones during:
- Roadway, utility, construction and maintenance operations
- On or adjacent to public highways including ramps and municipal roads and streets, (as well as other public ways to which road traffic has access).

Who should attend?

Training in Book 7 is intended for employees working for the following agencies and
- Provincial, Municipal, and private road authorities in Ontario and their contractors.
- Utilities, contractors, and others who may have approval to work on public roadways.

The latest Ministry of Labour Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and construction regulations provisions for traffic control and worker protection have been in effect since June, 2000. These require employers to:
- Train workers exposed to traffic hazard or construction vehicles
- Develop Traffic Protection Plans for workers who may be exposed to traffic and vehicular hazard.

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