Mini Excavator

Compact excavators are powerful digging machines. Under the Ontario Construction Regulations (231/91) operators of Mini Excavators must be "competent" in the operation of that equipment. In order to do that, our program takes students through a theory session using a PowerPoint presentation along with hands-on training followed by a written exam. Upon successful completion each student will be given a wallet card indicating that they have sucessfully completed the course.Course Content
- Review of the regulations
- Equipment design
- Worksite hazards
- Inspections
- Familiarization training
- Attachments
- Safe & efficient operation
- Refuelling
- Emergency procedures.Details
Intended For: Any employees or persons required to use a mini excavator.
Valid for: We recommend retraining after 3 years
Offered: In-class and on-site (Max. class size is 10)

In Class Day Date Time Location Register Price
In ClassThurJan 13 20221:00pm1350 Creditstone Rd. ConcordCLOSED$199
In ClassThurJan 27 20227:45am275 Nebo Rd. HamiltonREGISTER$199
In ClassThurFeb 10 20221:00pm1350 Creditstone Rd. ConcordREGISTER$199
In ClassThurFeb 10 20221:00pm275 Nebo Rd. HamiltonREGISTER$199
In ClassThurFeb 24 20221:00pm1350 Creditstone Rd. ConcordREGISTER$199